Mineral Water Plant

The scope of Mineral Water Business is very high as the water quality of line or bore water is very miserable not only in big cities but also in small towns and rural areas the water quality is not much suitable and fit for drinking. According to World Health Organization surveys and Pakistan Quality Standards reports the underground water in majority of the cities/area is polluted with very high concentration of arsenic in ground water. In most of the places especially in urban areas the underground water line are broken and line water is being mixed with sewerage water. So the Bottled water is need of everyone regardless of the fact that he or she belongs to upper or lower middle class, pure drinking water is need of everyone.
WATER ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIES (WET) is pleased to offer its state of the art “Mineral Water Plants”. We have installed a large number of plants in different cities of Pakistan and people are running very successful setups and earning handsome amount from this business.
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